From the peak of Mountain Pelineon, the Gods came down to this point looking for the sea. They stopped at the foot of Mountain 'Makri', above the 'Amithouda' River and they with the mortals fixed up an endless game with the stones. This is how 'Spilia' was created, the houses of the mortals. Then, the mortals came even closer to the sea. So Fairies and Spirits, who were actually the Gods, stayed in Spilia. Much later, we got to know, loved and tried to revitalize the stone abandoned houses. As a result, 'Spilia Studios' were born.

'Spilia' overlook the beautiful plain, the vast blue sea listening to the whispers of the eternal sea. Even today, you may meet the Gods among the stones and the ruins.

In Kardamyla you will certainly stop at the square with the perennial plane-trees and the river which flows through it. All around, you can see the peaks of the mountains and the alley which leads from the square upwards to Spilia.

For a lot of decades now, Spilia has been an abandoned settlement. That's why it preserves unalterable the wonderful elements of authentic folk architecture. There are buildings of the 16th and the 17th century, when the inhabitants started to abandon the fortress-like structure of the village. From up here, there is a magnificent view of the harbour and the sea. You can even admire the river with the windmills or face with awe the majesty of the surrounding mountains, which really encompass the area.

'Spilia Studios' is a complex of four traditional houses in Kardamyla, in the island of Chios, which can accommodate at least twelve people. In addition to a magnificent view, their location, at the highest point of the settlement, offers excellent conditions for concentration and solitude. The small houses offer all modern facilities for a comfortable, enjoyable and unforgettable stay both in winter and summer.



'Spilia Studios'-Traditional Houses-Spilia-Kardamyla-Post Code 82100-Chios-Greece
Tel: (+ 30)- 22720-22933, 22823- fax: (+30)-22720-22823, mobile: 6945-319737

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