Dear music friends,

We are organizing a percussions seminar from June 28-June 30 2007, at the island of Chios, Greece. The instructors are well known professionals with acclaimed artistry: 1. Vangelis Karipis, for traditional Greek and Eastern european percussions, 2. Socrates Yaniaris for Latin American percussions.
Arrival on Wednesday, June 27. On Saturday June 30, there will be a concert with the instructors, Yiorgos Makris (kaval, gaida) and all the participants.
The seminar costs 240 euros for those who will stay at the village's inns (includes 4 nights stay, four breakfats and four meals, 18 hours of Master Calss meetings, 7 hours of relaxing meditation).  For those who will stay at other sites it is 120 euros.  It will take place at the medieval neighbourhood, Spilia, in the village Kardamyla, Chios, Greece.

The seminar is part of a series of art events called World' s moons at Spilia that will take place throughout summer during or around the fullmoon.  It aims to bring together artists, visitors and the people of the village and become a creative bridge that connects the past and present memories of neighbourhood cultures.    
  • June 2 - Music of Iran and Afganistan w. Eugenios Voulgaris, rabab, saz, voice,  Sergios Voulgaris,  tombak, daff, bentir, Theodora Athanasiousaz, cura saz, Spilios Kastanis, contrabass
  • June 30 - Improvisations with percussions w. Vangelis Karipis, Socrates  Yaniaris (percussions) and Yiorgos Makris, gaida, kaval
  • July 29 - At the island of lost lovers with Maria Thoidou, singer, songwritter, and the virtuosos Kostas Raptis, bayian, Themios Adjakas, oud, guitar, Efren Lopez, saz, viola de roda, Kyriakos Tapakis, bass, Loukas Metaxas, percussions
  • July 30 - Classic guittar recital¨from Bach to Piazolla  Yiorgos Manolis, Yiorgos Ayiassoglou perform Bach, Barios, Koshkin, Piazzola, more
  • August 26 - "Fin amor" with the Tinisian singer Lamia Bediui and the percussionists Solis Barki (also didjeridoo) and Nikos Souliotis
Also there will be two experimental plays and two art shows.
We are very proud and excited to bring such wonderfull music to a small, picturesque part of the world and would like to make it known to as many people as possible. 
We will have the detailed program in English by the middle of next week accompanied with the rest of "Calliope arts space" activities.  
In the meantime, please feel free to contact us for further details and inform us if you want to receive a complete Press Release and photos.
Thank you very much for your attention and for spreading the word!
Have a nice summer,
the organizers,
Calliope Liadi
Dimirtris Psomadakis
Kiki Hadjantonaki



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