….Until the last minute we have not seen Kardamyla. Suddenly, after a bend in the road, the plain of Kardamyla spreads before our eyes, perfectly decorated with the various shades of green, from the dark green of the pine-forest to the light green of the orchards and the fields of citrus trees. The small houses of Kardamyla are scattered all over like white and colourful strokes of a brush, while the church-towers stand out among them. In the west, a steep mountainous mass stands up, while on the faraway horizon the blue colour of the sea is a treat for the eyes…

….Suddenly, the material of stone prevails. The openings of the doors and the windows become smaller, the design of the buildings becomes fortress-like. It is like crossing suddenly the invisible dividing line of time and travelling back in time, some hundreds of years ago. We are at the northern end and at the highest point of the settlement of Kardamyla, 'Spilia'…

….We are possessed by the unique feeling of historical awe, like being in the middle of a medieval castle. The pictures surrounding us bring us in mind 'The Castropolitia of Mystras' (the Castletown of Mystras) or the wonderful medieval ruins of 'Anavatos' at the center of the island. Simple rectangle buildings are scattered all over the hill, with small windows and doors…

…In this place of so many architectural peculiarities, full of the glamour and the legends of the past, Dimitris Psomadakis and his wife have created 'Spilia'. Few years ago, he completely restored some ruined small houses on the hill. Foremost, he respected and improved the surroundings…. After having studied for years the history, the folklore, the old habits and the architectural tradition of his land, he acquired a wider theoretical knowledge and he created a remarkable collection of important folklore objects, which he strongly hopes that they will become the basis for the creation of a folklore museum….

...Dimitris unlocks the heavy wooden door, we bend our heads and enter inside. The dull weather in combination with the three small openings on the walls create a mystic atmosphere that makes the place look like the interior of a medieval tower…. The stone work is excellent, made of some local stone which has been used for ages. A marvelous wooden floor, a plain set of furniture with a sofa of pure wood, large cushions, straw-bottomed chairs and wooden stools…A step leads us to the kitchen and the bathroom, whereas in a corner, in front of a small window, Dimitris has created a place for study, useful to hardworking guests. (There, I have spent a lot of time looking through the rich bibliography given to me by Dimitris). Close by, the small kitchen, equipped by everything possibly needed by a family, a fridge, hot plates and the whole range of cooking utensils. In the bathroom, nothing is missing. Everything is of high quality to the smallest detail. An interior wooden staircase leads to the attic, where under the vaulted roof two single beds have been placed. The facilities of this marvelous small house are completed by the satellite TV, plenty of hot and cold water, air-conditioning for summer and winter and, additionally, by the splendid stone fireplace for the cold night moments full of romance…


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