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Where green meets blue

Kardamyla, almost 30klm away from the city of Chios, spreads out on a plain, exquisitely decorated with various tones of green, from the deep pine forest to the light color of the citrus orchards and estates.

The houses of Kardamylos, white or colorful touches, among which stand out the churches with their bell towers. 

In Kardamyla you will certainly stop at the square with the perennial plane-trees and the river which flows through it. All around, you can see the peaks of the mountains and the alley which leads from the square upwards to Spilia.

Ano Kardamila Chios
Spilia Traditional Village Houses | Ano kardamila Chios


The signs of the passing cultures have been scattered all around the area of Kardamyla since the period of Pelasgoi, the Persian Wars, the Roman and the Byzantine Era.

This is indicated by the walls and the processed stones, as well as by the dozens of Archaic and Greek names (place-names).

According to tradition, the inhabitants of the surrounding towns and the villages gradually gathered for fear of the pirates in a fortified position, where Kardamyla are situated today, abandoning their towns and villages.

In the area, Zeus of Pelineon was worshipped on Mount Pelineon, at the highest point of Chios. It is unknown, when it was replaced by the worship of the prophet Ilias, that is the God of Sun.

The great historian Thucydides also refers to the area as ‘Kardamyli’, the town in which Athenians landed in 411 BC. 

Spilia | Ano Kardamyla A Tour To Another Era!

For a lot of decades now, Spilia has been an abandoned settlement. That’s why it preserves unalterable the wonderful elements of authentic folk architecture. There are buildings of the 16th and the 17th century, when the inhabitants started to abandon the fortress-like structure of the village. From up here, there is a magnificent view of the harbour and the sea. You can even admire the river with the windmills or face with awe the majesty of the surrounding mountains, which really encompass the area.


The churches of Kardamylos are special. The Pera Panagia monastery, Agios Nikolaos the Prinarite, Agios Loukas with its magnificent wooden iconostasis, the church of Panagia Ypapantis from 1450 with its magnificent pebbled courtyard and Agios Georgios with its famous bell tower and frescoes of the 16th century, are the more important.

In the spiritual center of Kardamyla you will find a religious and folklore museum, full of objects and treasures of another era.

In Marmaro, you can visit the church of Agios Nikolaos with its marble iconostasis, the monument of the Unknown Sailor on the waterfront, the old customs house (building from the years of the Turkish rule), the Vasilaki mansion with its characteristic neoclassical architecture as well as the windmills that are scattered on the beach.

The Beauty Of The Sea And The Mountain

Photos by ‘GREEK PANORAMA’  


Near Kardamyla, you will find  beach Vlichada, in a valley full of olive trees and pine trees.

As you go northwards, you come across Gialiskari with its picturesque creek.

The valley of Nagos with its dense vegetation, its tall plane-trees and its fantastic beach is situated five kilometres to the north of Kardamyla.

Then, the beach Giosonas is surrounded by wild and impressive mountains with sides full of pine-trees and orchards.

Finally, Ampelos, a small beach with big colourful pebbles is accessible from the main road through a path.